IPW is proud to offer premier pump solutions to all of Indiana. We’ll help you design your new Lift Station, or design a maintenance package for your unique Lift Station. Our team of experienced technicians will help Retrofit your station for the newer pump models that serve your needs better than your 15 year old pump.

Engineered Lift Station Solutions

Whether you are designing a new lift station or interested in redesigning your existing station, we have what you need: experience, precision, and reliable resources.

Pump Station Maintenance

Protect your ASSets. IPW provides preventative maintenance services to ensure your equipment is in tip-top shape. From monthly to annual service, we’ve got you covered.

Replacements and Retrofits

Whether you are interested in upgrading your pumps, or replacing an old, worn down model, we are your premier resource for pump solutions. We’ll work with you to retrofit your station to a new style of pump.

Pump Inspection and Repair

IPW offers routine pump inspection and repair services to suit all of your needs. Routine maintenance is highly encouraged to maintain optimal operating conditions. When a pump fails, the most common cause is blockage.

Lift Station Rehabilitation

We will give your aging lift station a new, extended life with our specialized study and design services. Look no further for your Lift Station Rehab team! We won’t put anything into your Lift Station that we wouldn’t use in our own Lift Station.

Turnkey Lift Station Packages

From design to Installation, we have all of your solutions in one place. We will design, repair, install, and offer startup training upon request.

Free Pickup and Delivery Options

We offer free pickup and delivery for all pump repairs and orders. Let us take the hassle out of your pump repairs and replacement part orders. Request a quote today!